The Scow Institute works towards greater understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples through information that is fact based, non-partisan and accessable on topical issues that affect all Canadians.
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Recent additions to the Library

April 2008
• Comparative Governance Structures Among Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
• Elderlaw: Relationship and Relevance to the Needs of Aboriginal Elders
• Matrimonial Property on Reserve in Canada
• Intellectual Property and Aboriginal Peoples: Conflict or Compromise?
• Aboriginal Courts in Canada
• Update: Forestry Aboriginal Rights and Title
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Latest News and Events

• scowinstitute.ca website re-launch (April 2008)
Our website has been revised to provide improved inter-activity, more information about the Scow Institute and better access to our research papers and fact sheets.
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"Our goal is to inform Canadians on
issues that affect Aboriginal people."
Alfred J. Scow

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